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i'll be the fire that'll catch you
Nat. 16. SF East Bay, NorCal. I make bad jokes and good coffee. ||
" In high school, I was dating this girl who had an identical twin who I didn’t know, and I thought it would be nice to get [my girlfriend] a single rose. For some reason I thought that was way-classy. (P.S.: It’s not that cool.) Well, I ended up giving the rose to the wrong twin in the quad that day, and let’s just say I was pretty embarrassed. Kids, don’t give the rose to the wrong twin…ever. "
—Jaime Preciado +
Anonymous sent:

can you write the two 5sos best friend blurbs on your "pending" list? one about him liking you and one about you liking him?

this must be a really old message ok sorry i took so long

yeah, sure, hopefully, I’ll have them up by Sunday???

Anonymous sent:

Sometimes au makers get gifs from gif hunts and such where the gif makers are already not individually credited so you don't know them..

ok, well I guess that’ fair.

but I just get really annoyed when they take someone’s gifs and crop out the watermark .-. and then write “credit to owners”, because, in those cases, they KNOW who the owner is. 

then again, if they take the gifs from gif hunts, they could at least put a link back to the post and say something like “hey, idk who the owner is, but it’s from this post, message me if you know, so I can credit them”

but *sigh* people are so lazy so they don’t do that and I just .-.

#two in one


"credit to gif owners"

you seriously couldn’t just type their urls out and give proper credit like a decent human being

especially au makers like damn

the people who make gifs constantly call it out and you still don’t credit them


drinking soda at 11 PM, b/c I’m so #thirsD